Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend. It gives us a chance to think about what we’re grateful for; to roast turkey and yams, mash potatoes, bake pumpkin pies, and spend some precious time with family and friends. My daughter, Tara, and I have always made turkey dinners together, even though, most years it was just the two of us. A couple of years, when I was a “vegetarian” we just left the turkey out and ate the trimmings. Yeah, that doesn’t work. Yesterday, we cooked a seventeen-pound turkey and fed ten people! Everything was amazing, but the stuffing was definitely the winner–gluten-free rustic bread mixed with buttery organic herbs I grew in my garden, and slow roasted in the bird. No stove top stuffing for us. Never. Ever.
While the turkey was roasting, we took advantage of the afternoon sunshine and walked down to the river for a photoshoot.
I needed an “author” photo and Tara is magic with a camera. Standby for new author photos.
Meanwhile, here’s a little action she caught on video.

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