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W.L. Hawkin


I love to travel to locations in my books to soak up the sensory landscape. Last summer, I climbed Croghan Hill in Ireland to survey the land my king will rule until he is ritually murdered in Hollystone Mystery #4. That’s where this photograph was taken.

I am a seeker and a mystic at heart, fascinated by language and mythology. I’ve been called a Buddhist Witch—take that as you will. I love prehistory, archaeology, myths, and magic. And like Sorcha O’Hallorhan, my Irish archaeologist in To Sleep with Stones, I long to travel back in time to experience cultures as they once were. I grew up feeling like I was born into the wrong century and that discombobulation has never left me.

As a teenager, in rural Ontario, I wrote poetry to survive “the maze, the haze, and the crazy place” that was my world. Later, in Toronto, I put words to music. Then novels emerged as I experienced trauma—like many writers I wrote to escape. I still do.

Along the way, I got an education that has served me well. I didn’t graduate high school until I was thirty-three, but after that there was no stopping me. Learning was my ticket to freedom.

At Trent University in Ontario, Canada, I completed a B.A. in Indigenous Studies and found my voice, publishing poetry and Native rights articles in Canadian newsmagazines.

After moving West, I completed Diplomas in the Arts and Humanities at S.F.U. in British Columbia, where I was published in iamb, the SFU Journal of Creative Writing. I also completed a Teaching Certificate at S.F.U. and taught high school for several years—my favourite blocks being English Literature and Creative Writing, naturally.

Not long ago, I spent a year working as a relief lighthouse keeper, soaking in the rugged isolation of the coast and blogging my adventures at Life on the BC Lights. You’ll see some of my experiences in To Render a Raven when the coven sail up the Inside Passage to rescue Estrada’s baby from a vampire! And, I’ve just started a brand new book set at one of the lighthouses where I lived and I’m quite excited about it.

I’m an author, book reviewer, writer, researcher and Indie publisher with Blue Haven Press.

And I’m an introvert, but I love to connect with readers and other writers, so please sign up for my newsletter. Because I follow the Wicca Wheel of the Year, my world turns in six-week cycles. 

with all good wishes, Wendy


Read an online interview here.


  1. Asha Seth

    Happy to meet you.

  2. E. Michael Helms, author

    Hi, WL!
    I want to thank you for following and commenting on Motive Means Opportunity–we really appreciate it! I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to guest post on MMO. You could talk about TO CHARM A KILLER, your writing life/routine, what inspired you to become a writer, or just about an endless number of topics. Take your pick, or write about something altogether different from what I’ve mentioned. We’d be pleased to have you at MMO!
    Here’s wishing you much success and happiness. Take care!

    • Blue Haven Press

      Thank you so much. I appreciate the invitation and will see what I can do.

  3. KC Redding-Gonzalez

    Congratulations on that degree! It took me 30 years to complete my own, and I have never regretted a minute — or a penny — of it. And hey, if you ever venture into darker writings such as dark fantasy or Horror the old-fashioned way, we’d love to have you consider joining the Greater Rocky Mountain Horror Writers (an Amateur Press Association)… stop by to see if we can help or be of use…we are just getting started but perhaps as we are — or as we will be — may be worth a look by you….) Didn’t mean to be a recruitment ad, but all of that Celtic and Native American mythological influence tends to run darkly in Horror veins such as ours! (Love the ocean photo and bio by the way!)

    • Blue Haven Press

      Thanks for the invite. I’ll have a look at your group. I think there’s something of a grey line between urban fantasy and horror. I’ll give this some thought.

    • Blue Haven Press

      Hi Karen,
      I see that you’re a book reviewer. I you’d be interested in reading and reviewing To Charm a Killer, email me. Maybe you can tell me where I swim in the grey sea between fantasy and horror. ~Wendy

  4. Nicole

    Not to rain on your parade or anything, it said that ‘but dreams of living in Ireland’. I live in Ireland, and just to tell you, the weather is absolutely terrible. One day it’s raining the next day it’s sunny. Most of the time it’s wet or damp or cold. Or all three.
    But there are a lot of good things. Like all the historical places that you can go see, eg. castles. Or that there are a lot of festivals and parades and stuff. So, what I’m trying to say is, if you are planning on going/visiting Ireland anytime soon, plan ahead and check the weather!

    • WL Hawkin

      Thanks for the advice, Nicole. I live on the West Coast of Canada, and the weather is much the same as that. Things I love about Ireland: the warmth of the people, the music, the prehistory, the beautiful countryside. I am just planning a summer trip; this time to Dublin (for research), Cavan, and the south and east coast, as I’ve never been to Wicklow, Wexford, and Cork.

      • Nicole

        You should visit Laragh in Wicklow. It’s beautiful there!

  5. WL Hawkin

    Thanks Nicole. I am coming to Wicklow this July so with definitely visit Laragh! If you have any recommendations of hikes or activities or beautiful towns please email me!

  6. Gail Murray

    Finding healthy Gluten Free meals while travelling is a challenge but you did it. The server sounded so lovely. How great to hear the pipers and interview them. You are having quite the adventure.

  7. litlemonbooks

    You were a Lifehouse keeper! How interesting.


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