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Not your Mother’s Mystery

To Charm a Killer is a murder mystery of a different stripe. It’s about a coven of Canadian witches who try to stop a serial murderer. But wait—this isn’t Sherlock meets Bewitched. This is a beautifully written book with sexy, complex characters and a cleverly-concealed mystery. For a genre book, it has a distinctly literary feel to it. Those who love a good turn of phrase and vivid descriptions will appreciate Hawkin’s lovely prose style, which remains clear and readable despite its poetic flourishes.

A serial killer is hunting witches in southern British Columbia, and the news of his latest victim infects the equinox ritual of the Hollystone Coven. Estrada, the sensual and dynamic high priest of the coven who works as a magician at the local goth nightclub, soon finds himself tied to the killer in an unnerving way.

Meanwhile, teenager Maggie finds herself inextricably drawn to the coven—and into the book’s events. She is becoming a young woman and trying to find her own way, a different one from her uptight, Catholic parents.

Besides lushly-described locations, the book boasts a cast of unique, interesting characters. (Estrada and goth club owner/ wannabe vampire Michael Stryker really need their own book….) There’s enough steamy bisexual polyamory here to make Anne Rice swoon. And it will keep you guessing! I was sure I had it figured out at a couple of points only to discover that I was wrong. All in all, this book certainly charmed me. I’m glad there’s a series! Sionnach Wintergreen, amazon.com

A Style of its Own

To Charm a Killer has a style of its own. Sentence by sentence it reads as magically as the story line itself. It’s like an entire novel of poetically penned story content. There were quite a few times I had to re-read certain paragraphs, as I was so caught up with the magic of wording I actually missed the story line. The best way I can think of to describe the writing style is extremely creative intelligence. I’d love to spend a day in the mind of W.L Hawkin, just to see what it’s like in there.

I love the way all the characters are unique and cleverly developed. They are one of a kind and tied to together with ease. My favorite is character is hands down Estrada. He’s witty, well drawn, and so full of quick-witted banter and steamy thoughts you just can’t help but to be drawn to his complexity.

Hawkin is also able to weave in quite the magically edgy coming-of-age story with another Maggie. She’s a teen with an in-explainable pull to the Coven, although she’s brought up in a very strict Catholic home. Maggie’s story alone is one of a kind, and the way she is tied in through out is genius. amazon.com

Couldn’t Put it Down!

I just finished reading WL Hawkin’s debut novel, To Charm a Killer, published by Blue Haven Press (2016). Having never traveled to Ireland, WL Hawkin has enticed me to put it on my “bucket list” inviting me to soak in the beauty and mystery that prevails. Her writing conjures up such beauty, amongst the people and the landscapes. I can just imagine myself visiting a quaint town situated within the luscious countryside.
Having little to no knowledge of Irish history and Celtic folklore, this story certainly captivated by interest. As an energy healer myself, I related to some of the characters’ connections with the universe, spirituality and the self!

On to the story’s characters. WL Hawkin was more than successful in terms of bringing many personalities and relationships to life. The bond between Estrada and Michael was intimate, intriguing, confusing and tantalizing. Relationships truly are complex and I feel that to a degree, I know the characters in the novel and I am left wanting to know more about them and their adventures.

The story was a page turner right to the end. Who was the killer? Yes, no, maybe, too obvious, perhaps …. I couldn’t decide. In all honestly, I think this story could also flourish as a motion picture. Once this thought came to mind, I couldn’t help wondering what actors would best play what character.

I can’t wait for the sequel, there will be a sequel right Ms Hawkin? amazon.com


To Charm a Killer is an excellent and engaging read. The author has created a most intriguing and evocative story. The characters are captivating and multifaceted. The writing itself is beautifully crafted with many layers. One can see the English teacher in the author: well-crafted sentences and cleverly interwoven references to Macbeth. The images, sculpted beautifully, convey depth and expanse; yet, the writing is crisp and concise. It is a flowing story that “charms” its reader with suspense and magic in unveiled mystery. I could not predict the outcome yet it culminated perfectly.
Highly recommended. amazon.com


Synopsis: Witches are vanishing in Vancouver and the Hollystone coven cast a charm in order to catch the killer. There are consequences to that spell that the coven didn’t count on like an innocent 17 year old girl getting caught in the after effects. The coven does a Samhain ritual invoking Hecate and the message she gives the coven only leads to more questions. High Priest Estrada, will stop at nothing to stop the killer from taking another witch even if that includes completely losing himself in the process.

WL Hawkin over at bluehavenpress.com commented on one of my reviews and she suggested that I go and check her book out. And I’m so very glad she did. This book was truly awesome. I read it in 5 days. I couldn’t put it down. I was actually supposed to be reading another book but once I read the sample of the book I knew I had to read it. From the very beginning of the book you are spellbound. Because a few of the characters are Irish, the book takes us to the land of Ireland (which I want to visit myself one day). I liked the way the author took us on a field trip through the country side.Without giving too much away, I didn’t see the ending coming. The entire time I was reading the book I kept changing my mind about who I thought the killer was, and still, once I found out I was shocked. All in all, if you like witchy stories with a little romance and mystery this is definitely a book you should check out. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and I can’t wait for the second book. Goodreads http://www.nikkicthebookworm.wordpress.com

A Journey Not to be Missed

W. L. Hawkin is truly a gifted storyteller and wordsmith. The complex characters in To Charm a Killer are fascinating and the many twists and turns of the story captivating. An intriguing plot that offers an intelligent portrayal of Wicca, faeries, love, and a beautiful connection with the magic of Ireland. A journey not to be missed. amazon.com

Works Like a Charm!

W.L. Hawkin is like the Agatha Christie for Wicca. She’ll really put a spell on you with a great cross genre story–murder mystery and magic. You travel from Vancouver, Canada to the pubs in Ireland, while enjoying an intriguing murder mystery plot all woven in with witchcraft and great characters such as Estrada the magician, the young and inquisitive Maggie, the Scotsman Dylan and many more. The descriptive language the author uses is also very beautiful and poetical at times. Will Estrada and his coven find the murderer in time? I recommend you read this to find out! It really works a charm! LP Kirkbride, goodreads.com

To Sleep With Stones_eCover_Final _small_

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Sexy Supernatural Mystery!

Puppy-cute and totally innocent Dylan McBride is arrested for murder. His friend and Coven-mate from Canada, Estrada flies to Scotland, where Dylan has been working on an archaeological dig, to help. The hot bisexual, polyamorous magician vows to save his friend by finding the real killer.

Estrada finds himself in a foreign land with an eclectic cast of suspects. His pursuit of the true killer requires his magic–both theatrical and Wiccan. He has to make peace with his past and forge new alliances while facing danger at every turn.

This beautifully written, sexy mystery takes many twists and turns. Fans of the first book’s befanged vampire wannabe Michael Stryker will be pleased to hear he has his own adventure in this book. The entire book is alive with myth and magic. Hawkins delivers a paranormal treasure trove of ghosts, faeries, vampires, and gods. It’s an incredible escape into a lush, mysterious world. Sionnach Wintergreen, amazon.com

In this second adult fiction novel in W.L. Hawkin’s Hollystone mysteries To Sleep With Stones, she weaves her magic yet again in another great Wicca murder mystery, with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing right to the end of the story. It is very suspenseful but entertaining too. It is also clever how she uses the Wicca magic in the plot. Some of the characters in the coven from her first novel in the series, To Charm a Killer aren’t in this installment and I felt they were missed, but some of the main ones appear again, such as Estrada, the magician and the Scotsman Dylan McBride; and great new ones are introduced: the tattooed Magus Dubh, feisty archaelogist, Sorcha and sassy police detective Rachel Steele. This time she takes us from Vancouver, Canada to Scotland with lots of great historical and local detail, which really sets the scene. Dylan Mcbride, while on an archaelogical dig, is accused of murder and his fellow coven member, Estrada must prove his innocence along with Magus, Sorcha and Rachel Steele. Is Dylan innocent? Will Estrada and the others be able to clear his name? I highly recommend you read To Sleep With Stones to find out! As it will be sure to keep you spell bound until the end. LP Kirkbride, goodreads.com