Book Talk and Reviews

I love reading books. I’ve always loved reading books.  I think this love came from my mother who taught me to read before I went to school. She had a bookcase headboard crammed with yellowing thrift store paperbacks—some you wouldn’t expect your mother to read like Messalina and Peyton Place—along with fat, hard-cover, Reader Digests. 

If I like a book, I write about it. So, naturally, my reviews and musings end up in my blog. I know what it takes to write a book, the endless hours, the sleepless nights; so I don’t write about a book if I don’t connect with it.

I also write reviews of fellow Canadian authors for the Ottawa Review of Books. This has allowed me to discover some brilliant writers. They’re not all New York Times Bestselling authors. Not yet. But they’re wonderful just the same. So, if you like to discover new authors too, read on.

The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook

Seventeen-year-old Skye Thorne plays with paranormal. Though she pretends to be a psychic—like Sherlock Holmes, Skye uses her observation skills to wangle her way through tarot card readings. Legally named Candi, by her strange, single mom, Skye needs the cash to...

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With Malice by Eileen Cook

Two best friends with differing social backgrounds. A senior year trip to Italy. A charming Italian tour guide. And a fatal accident. Or was it an accident?  One minute, Jill Charron is anticipating the trip of her dreams, and the next, she awakens in a hospital bed...

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Gwendy’s Button Box

This little treasure I read in two sittings. How could I not? When I saw it on the library shelf, I was instantly drawn to it. I picked it up and grinned inside and then felt a twinge of fear. It is, after all, a Stephen King story. I heard the master's voice lilting...

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A Peek into the Pro Wrestling World with Cobra Clutch

Pro-wrestlers, scuzzy bikers, a yellow pet python, and a private detective—how does Devlin hold it all together in this gritty page-turning debut novel? With a whole lot of style and a splattering of tongue-in-cheek humour. The characters are highly stylized; their...

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The Shipping News

Every few years, I re-read Annie Proulx’s classic novel, The Shipping News. It happens when I miss the East—family and friends. When I need to submerge myself in great writing and crave a dose of mellifluent literature. When I need to feel immersed in the sea and...

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Hummingbird by Tristan Hughes

It's always a gift to pick up a book you've never heard of—one that's not on the bestseller list or written by one of the big-name authors—and discover its beauty. That's what I experienced with Hummingbird. This is a beautiful summer read. It will transport you to...

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