If you’ve been reading my blog this summer, you know that I travelled in Ireland and the return trip to Canada was a nightmare. I wrote about the experience in this post:
I didn’t leave it there. There is an EU law that you should know about.
At the airport, we were only given a piece of paper that mentioned the EU law because we asked for it. And we only asked for it because someone else in the queue knew about it. Passengers started talking and informed each other. So that’s why I’m informing you.
Although I was feeling very ill when I came home, I submitted a formal complaint to the airline.

Your Right to Compensation

If you’re travelling in Europe and you experience a delay of over three hours you have  rights and are entitled to compensation. This is a solid article from “This is Money” about those rights and how to make a claim.
There are some organizations that offer to help you with this, but we just used this form and filled it out ourselves.
I’m happy to say that we received an email from Air Transat within three weeks offering us each compensation (600 Euros). This is the amount owed for:

a delay of 4 hours or more More than 3,500 km between an EU and non-EU airport €600

A cheque arrived about three weeks later. It’s important to know your rights and to act. I’m sure there were many other passengers on this flight who were so happy to finally be home, they just let it go. Know your rights.

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