Sunday was beach day at Bray in Co Wicklow. Thirty minutes and a few stops on the DART, and you’re there. The beach was lovely, the sun was shining, and the locals were swimming. Mind you…there were many gasps and squeals as they waded into the waves!
I feasted on gelato, walked into town for brunch, and spent a few leisurely hours lying on the sand.
Bray reminds me of home, except the buildings are MUCH older and there’s a carnival in the main drag between the strand and the shops. Revived by sunshine, sea breeze, and shades of continuing blue, I’m ready for another week in this beautiful country.

There seem to be a lot of terriers here. The poor wee fella in the photo above really wanted to jump in and swim with the boys who were jumping off the pier, but he couldn’t find his way across.
And THIS just says it all!

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