I don’t normally blog about food, but I’m travelling, so finding food without gluten and dairy is a challenge in our bread and butter world. Every day is a hunt for something nutritious and tasty that I can manage.
     It began on Tuesday. I pre-ordered Thai chicken curry and rice for my Canadian flight with Air Transat; unfortunately they sent something labelled “Thai chicken curry” that was actually cream chicken stew–blobs floating in cream. I was flying Club, so I expected better. They were quite apologetic and it was definitely not the fault of the flight crew, but the only thing they could find on the plane was a small plastic box of kale salad. Toronto Airport posed yet another challenge. Then, on my International flight, I ended up with just a plain omelet and some fruit. By the time I hit Dublin, after eighteen hours of travel,  I was literally shaking.
     I set out on the hunt and discovered The Farm! This is an amazing restaurant on Dawson Street, which is quite close to Trinity College. The server was lovely. “Ah, you poor thing. We’ll take care of you,” she said, and promptly brought me fresh tasty carrot soup and GF toast. Their menu details the choices for several different diets, so I think that anyone could find something wonderful to eat there (even my vegan friends) and all the ingredients are sourced locally. Great staff, and it’s quiet and casual; an oasis in the heart of chaotic Dublin!
GF = Gluten Free | HP = High Protein | O = High in Omega | LF = Low Saturated Fat | V = Vegetarian | RV = Rich in Vitamins
     Today, after a morning of walking the streets and galleries, I stopped by again. This salad, which is suitable for anyone, was SO good.
Asian Green Salad (virtually fat free) €8.00
Mixed Leaves, Bean Sprouts, Spring Onions, Bamboo Shoots, Pickled Ginger, Peppers, Cucumber, Roasted Chilli, Red Onion, drizzled with Fresh Ginger, Soy and Sesame Oil Dressing (GF option, V, LF, RV)
     Of course, I had a side of chips because, well, I am in Ireland.
     Tomorrow, I’m off to hunt again.