To Sleep With Stones_Facebook_Coming Soon
I am trying something new. I’ve read about it. I’ve thought about it. And now I’m going to do it. It’s an online book launch through Facebook.

How did I do it?

I set up an event on my Facebook page: WL Hawkin Author Page
Then invited friends. Now, I’m inviting you. Please share this on social media.

The Details:

The event is set for Spring Equinox: Monday March 20, 2017 from 6-8pm Pacific time. I’m hoping that way, some of my friends in the East can come by too.

My Plan:

Being an INFP, I am not very good at rigid time frames and scheduling. I am much more comfortable with feeling my way. So that’s what I’m going to do. I will post every few minutes, and be online to reply to comments and questions. I’ll be launching my latest book, To Sleep with Stones, which goes on sale that day. This is Book Two in the Hollystone Mysteries, the sequel to To Charm a Killer. At the same time, I’ll be celebrating Spring Equinox. During the launch, we will explore locations in Scotland, learn about Hollystone Coven and their spiritual practices, and meet some of the characters. I can talk a little about my research and writing process with this book.
Anyone who comments or asks a question will be included in a random draw for three printed copies of the book. I will give people 24 hours to post, as I know that not everyone can make it to that two-hour Pacific time slot, so I’ll draw at 6pm on Tuesday.
Posts will remain up on my page, so if you miss the event, you can still come by and leave a comment or question.
Please do come by and say hello. Just click here to join the celebration.
Blessings ~Wendy