af4533a1bfb78ab71bffd801bec1dd44_11-celtic-knot-vector-free-irish-tree-knots-clipart_1364-1184Here it is St. Patrick’s Day, and me with no words from Faerie. Tragic and ironic, that is. I decided, under the circumstances,  it was best to let my Irish witch speak.

This is a scene from To Charm a Killer. Maggie’s just been packed off to Ireland for safe keeping and met up with Primrose, her fey protector. The two girls are lunching at The Quays on Shop Street in Galway. And, wouldn’t I like to be there myself today. Enjoy the memory and the moment. Sláinte.

Primrose whisked off her cap as they settled into one of the wooden snugs and Maggie was startled to see that her shaved head was tattooed in colourful swirling symbols. Seeing her fascination, Primrose bowed forward to reveal the heart of the design—an intricately patterned mandala etched on the top of her skull. Three violet trees with intertwining roots formed the centre, while their branches connected in a circular knot. Between the trees were coiled spirals in emerald green. Another circle of knots wrapped around the first and split near the base of her skull into two trails that merged at the top of her spine.
“That’s amazing. Does it go all the way down your back?”
“Aye, and ends in a serpent’s tail. St. Patrick did not rid Éireann of all the snakes. A few of us survived.”

PS. I just received a beautiful email from a woman who finished reading To Charm a Killer this morning and loved it. My heart sings when I hear such kind and beautiful words. We are all entwined in the same Celtic knot, don’t you think?

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