A few words from one of my favourite urban fantasy authors:

When he came to a second-hand bookshop and cafe, he hesitated outside. Human meeting places made him uneasy. It was an old building, of worn red brick, with high arched windows that overlooked the river. Inside was the scent of books. The musty solitude was reminiscent of a quiet forest glade. Winding wooden stairs brought him to the third floor and there she was, as he knew she would be, seated at a table by the window. She was reading a letter. Lit up by sunlight, the golden-brown hair fell over her face like a veil. A young girl, almost a woman, she was dressed in the fashion of urban youth: black sweater, black skirt, black stockings and shoes. Her slender shoulders shook with laughter as she read.
“The Hunter’s Moon” by O.R. Melling (1993)

Faerie stories are ageless and timeless.
The Chronicles of Faerie is a collection of three of OR Melling’s faerie tales: The Hunter’s Moon, The Summer King, and The Light-Bearer’s Daughter. YA+
From the back cover: “Caught between Ireland and Canada, this world and another, three heroines search for life and love in an incredible and enchanting saga that dares to pose one of the great questions of life: Are we mortal or immortal?”