Witchcraft has long been sensationalized and misunderstood.
This negative campaign reaches its pinnacle each Halloween with the image of the black-robed, black-pointy hat wearing crone. Old, ugly, evil. But…
Samhain is the witches’ new year. It is our time. A night the veils are thin between the worlds and the mind ripe for reflection.



Witches are not EVIL. They LIVE…deep.
Witches are:
Sometimes silent; sometimes not.
Often apolitical, until pushed. Fierce proponents of social justice.
Reverent of Nature. Celebrate her, cry for her and fight for her; understanding that without her, we are nothing. Witches sing and dance for joy, appreciate her bounty and her beauty, and raise power in her divine goodness.
Observant. Revelling in the revolving wheel of the seasons.
Realistic. Accepting the certainty of death and rebirth; acknowledging the elements and appreciating their power.
Mindful. Witches meditate, craft, and heal. And seek to do no harm.
Energy-workers. They know that energy is mutable, can be bent and shaped by vibration, by words. They understand the power of manifestation, and know that thoughts cast out, come back three strong.
Healers of body, mind, and spirit.
Enamoured by numbers, symbols, myth and story.
Truth-Seekers. Casting ancestral memories back through time, they search their mother’s remedies for simpler, less invasive ways to heal and to live well.
Nurturers. Witches grow clean simple food, work with animals, herbs, and stones.
Creators of art, music…children. And so, envision a better future.
Intuitive. Listen to their internal voices and trust their feelings.
Strong and loving. Witches are not just women and not just men, but creatures whose sexual identities shift and shimmer in the changing winds.
Hopeful. Finding strength in each other, witches send hope into the world.