Welcome to my Blue Haven.

I just have to look around my world to see that blue, in its myriad shades and tones sustains me. Here you will find updates about my writing and reading; as well as, posts by some of my favourite bloggers and book reviewers. My passions emerge here: myth, archaeology, and spiritual things (especially Nature religions like Wicca and Druidry).

blue ball

 A few bits about me: WL Hawkin

I’m an Indie author publishing with Blue Haven Press.version_3_time1476809421465I’m currently working on an Urban Fantasy series (New Adult+) called Hollystone Mysteries. To Charm a Killer and To Sleep with Stones are available for purchase through your favourite retailer. I’m now writing book three, and researching book four.

You can view me reading from my books on youtube.

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12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, WL!

    I want to thank you for following and commenting on Motive Means Opportunity–we really appreciate it! I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to guest post on MMO. You could talk about TO CHARM A KILLER, your writing life/routine, what inspired you to become a writer, or just about an endless number of topics. Take your pick, or write about something altogether different from what I’ve mentioned. We’d be pleased to have you at MMO!

    Here’s wishing you much success and happiness. Take care!



  2. Congratulations on that degree! It took me 30 years to complete my own, and I have never regretted a minute — or a penny — of it. And hey, if you ever venture into darker writings such as dark fantasy or Horror the old-fashioned way, we’d love to have you consider joining the Greater Rocky Mountain Horror Writers (an Amateur Press Association)… stop by to see if we can help or be of use…we are just getting started but perhaps as we are — or as we will be — may be worth a look by you….) Didn’t mean to be a recruitment ad, but all of that Celtic and Native American mythological influence tends to run darkly in Horror veins such as ours! (Love the ocean photo and bio by the way!)


  3. Not to rain on your parade or anything, it said that ‘but dreams of living in Ireland’. I live in Ireland, and just to tell you, the weather is absolutely terrible. One day it’s raining the next day it’s sunny. Most of the time it’s wet or damp or cold. Or all three.
    But there are a lot of good things. Like all the historical places that you can go see, eg. castles. Or that there are a lot of festivals and parades and stuff. So, what I’m trying to say is, if you are planning on going/visiting Ireland anytime soon, plan ahead and check the weather!

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    • Thanks for the advice, Nicole. I live on the West Coast of Canada, and the weather is much the same as that. Things I love about Ireland: the warmth of the people, the music, the prehistory, the beautiful countryside. I am just planning a summer trip; this time to Dublin (for research), Cavan, and the south and east coast, as I’ve never been to Wicklow, Wexford, and Cork.

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  4. Finding healthy Gluten Free meals while travelling is a challenge but you did it. The server sounded so lovely. How great to hear the pipers and interview them. You are having quite the adventure.


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