How to Write Injuries

Standout Books offer consistently good writing articles. I found this one particularly interesting since my characters endure their fair share of injuries and someone usually ends up dead. How do you make it real?

via What You Need To Know About Writing Injuries

2 thoughts on “How to Write Injuries

  1. When I first saw this I thought it was about carpal tunnel. Haha! Great article! I try, for the most part, to make my injuries realistic. I did extensive research on gunshot wounds for Zen Alpha. While I wanted to cut immediately to a scene where Ward wakes up and he and Bradley are conversing, I think postponing that for time in the ICU added a bit more drama. It takes sometimes a year or more for people to recover from losing a lung. Knowing that made me feel sort of closer to the character. It made him more real to me. (I just read that and it sounds insane. )


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