What is Modern Paganism?

tree of life

Modern Paganism is not the result of unbroken ancient lineage, it is the result of the needs of people to reconnect directly to the Earth, to rediscover their stories, to see the sacred in the falling rain, the sunrise, the river, and hill. A path that speaks directly to the soul with no need for an intermediary clergy. ~Damh the Bard

via Thinking About – A Moment that changed Modern Paganism – Damh the Bard

Gender and its Complexities

My friend, Sionnach, identifies as genderqueer. This seems, to me, to be a misunderstood term that is becoming more and more popular. People are asking questions that not everyone can answer. So, I asked Sionnach to please blog about what it means. She obliged with an honest and straightforward commentary of her feelings and experiences.

Thank you Sionnach. I appreciate your candor and your clarity.

via What Genderqueer Means to Me | Sionnach Wintergreen

If you’re interested in reading some of her work, I recently reviewed her latest male/male romance, A Little Sin.