Wilderness Dweller

This woman, Chris Czajkowski, is one of my heroes. For thirty years, she’s lived off the grid alone in the wilderness with dogs for company, built her own cabins, and written her books. I thought of Chris tonight as I was reading Farley Mowatt’s classic, Lost in the Barrens. I saw her present at Sechelt Writer’s Festival years ago, and I wondered how she survived the raging forest fires this summer.
2017 10 17 Chris Czajkowski_0Here you can read her experience living through the wildfires in northern BC.

I see she has a book tour in BC this fall.  If you can make it to any of her readings or presentations, please come out and support this amazing woman.

3 thoughts on “Wilderness Dweller

  1. I hadn’t heard of her. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live like that with just my animals. I haven’t read that Mowatt book. I loved Never Cry Wolf. You quoted Thoreau here recently–are you longing to disappear in the wilds? My husband says I’m always on the verge of going feral.


  2. Oh yes. I’ve wanted to live in a cabin in the bush my whole life. My friend, who did, says it’s not as romantic as it sounds. But I grew up in the country and spent most of my time outdoors, riding my horse, or wandering through the woods and fields. Now, with the invention of tiny houses, who knows? It could happen.


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