Culling Your Collection: How to Get Rid of Books

It’s that time of year when we clear out the old to make way for the new. Here’s some practical advice from Kristen Twardowski on culling your books.

Kristen Twardowski

How do you choose which books to get rid of?

My joke answer is that you don’t. You keep them all. You have a home with an extra room to store them. You rent a storage shed to keep them all. You build a fortress out of them.

Of course those options aren’t entirely realistic.

Sometimes keeping every book you have ever purchased simply isn’t an option. Read It Forward just published an article for circumstances like that. Dee Williams, the author, recently moved into an 84 square foot house, which is about the same size as an 8 x 10 foot bedroom. As you can imagine, she had to cut down on her book collection a great deal. (Along with her collections of furniture, clothes, cooking equipment, and a dozen other things.)

Though never to the same extent that Williams did, I have culled my book collection in the…

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