Creating the (Physical and Mental) Space to Write

This one caught my eye. It’s an old question…where do you write?

I handwrite in the journal that lives beside my bed to capture dreams and bits of books and moments of spirit. But when writing it’s on my laptop in some kind of reclined position — not good for my body but needed by my mind. No music, no kitchen clatter, and definitely no conversations; only silence, perhaps pierced from time to time with the raucous cries of gulls. And before this, comes miles of rambling and rumination in my forest by the sea and voices on the wind. Writing does not happen in one single time or space.

The Daily Post

Over at Discover, editor Mike Dang asked five bloggers to describe and take photographs of their writing spaces. Read their responses.

When you write, are you typing at your desktop computer in your home office? Drafting a blog post on your phone, right in the WordPress app? Or are you like Deborah, below, creating your desk for the day at your favorite coffee shop?

To write in, I like a cafe with wooden floors, high ceilings, and tables with ample space. Once committed, I make the place my own. I give myself over to a familiar wafting aroma. I order an Americano, no milk, no sugar please. I arrange my piping hot coffee and writing accoutrements on my “desk,” and then I take in the sounds around me. An espresso maker sputters and whirs to an undercurrent of percussion-driven electronic beats and the indiscernible vocalizations of a female singer. Voices murmur, mostly in…

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