Eve Ensler: Woman With a Purpose

What is your life purpose? This is one of those questions that can hurl you on the passion train, derail your dreams, or stop you cold.

If you can’t answer the question, how do you go about finding your life purpose? Is it hovering in the ethers just waiting for you to name it? Do you seek it through meditation? Or counselling? Do you abandon all else to whatever it is that gives you joy? I used to advise abused women to look back into their childhoods for moments of bliss. What gave you the biggest buzz when you were a kid? Most could not remember, had forgotten who they were in the time before. Some were too afraid to look.

I came across this video of Eve Ensler yesterday and the raw truth of it disturbed and astounded me. Here is a woman who escaped abuse only to walk out on the world stage and confront it head on; a woman bold enough to write and perform a play called “The Vagina Monologues” and create V-Day.

Eve Ensler talks to girls and women all over the world and helps them tell their stories, for in the telling, healing begins. You can read her biography here.

She is a woman who shaped a life purpose from the battered bones of her past. I can only stand in awe and celebrate her courage, passion, energy, and dedication. Thank you Eve Ensler.

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