April 2016 – Shakespeare Confidential

English language and literature lover, John Kelly is celebrating the death of Shakespeare (400 years ago this weekend) by reading his entire works. And to add even more Shakespearean meaning to his life, he and his wife just arrived in Oxford. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. via April 2016 – Shakespeare … Continue reading April 2016 – Shakespeare Confidential


In the late 13th Century, our ancestors created a word for people who were believed to go insane due to changes in the moon’s cycle. Lunatic. Derived from the Old French word lunatique, and late Latin, lunaticus--folks could be moonstruck during a full moon, when changes in mood and temper precipitated all kinds of erratic … Continue reading Moonstruck

There’s Magic in The Truth About Cancer

  Since Hay House began running daily episodes of Ty Bollinger's "The Truth About Cancer--A Global Quest" last week I haven't missed one. It's hopeful. It's intelligent. It's magic. But the episodes are so intense and so jammed with information, I fear that people might become overwhelmed and tune out. Did this happen to you? … Continue reading There’s Magic in The Truth About Cancer

Lessons from a Master: Stephen King

Reading Stephen King’s 1991 article “The Symbolic Language of Dreams" blissed out my writer's spirit--that seed deep in my soul that ruptures occasionally when watered with truth. This phenomenon occurs rarely and signalled that the man had something to tell me. Stephen King. I remember reading Salem's Lot in the late 1970s. It was the … Continue reading Lessons from a Master: Stephen King