I had a wonderful time presenting a workshop at my local library last night. Libraries are just such positive, enriching places. They’re safe, they’re secure, they’re free! They offer knowledge, entertainment, companionship, a perfect environment for sparking creativity, and they’re ideal for introverts. I spend so much time visiting my local library, I was happy to give something back.


This was the first time I’d used Prezi and I’m surprised how easy it was. I just used the free version—there is an upgrade that gives many more features—but it worked fine. If I start doing more of these talks, I will upgrade and play with the other features. Here’s a photo of my main screen:

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 3.55.04 PM

Each of the black circles has hidden wonders like photographs, text, and videos which can be embedded in the free version. If you have Internet access, you’re good to go.

“The Hero’s Journey” is one of my favourite topics. I’ve used it to plot my last three novels, so was able to share my personal experience; as well as, provide examples from well known books and films like Jaws, The Hunger Games, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, and Outlander.


I have adored Joseph Campbell since I stumbled upon The Power of Myth in 1990—it was a life-changer for me. But I really appreciate how Chris Vogler has adapted Campbell’s monomyth into a useful tool for writers. This is the book I recommend. Whenever I start a new writing project, I reread it, and characters and scenes pop into my mind. It’s become an inspirational power tool for me.

In this video, Chris Vogler describes how and why he wrote The Writer’s Journey, and encapsulates the journey.


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