fairy-flusterThis book was one of my favourites when I was a little girl. I never forgot it. My mother used to read it to me before I could read it myself. Published in London, in 1956, it is a hardcover rife with sketches on newsprint-like paper, but has this wonderful colour image of Fairy Fluster upsetting a bus full of people with one of her mixed-up spells. I was able to find a copy on abebooks.com
I find that the things that inspired us in childhood rarely change as we grow older; sometimes we just forget what they are. And sometimes, we “put away childish things” when really, we should keep them close to our heart. They are the essence of our bliss.

There was once a fairy whose name was Fluster. She was a very kind-hearted little fairy, but she could never remember how to do her spells. Just as some of us can’t do sums or read long words, so Fluster couldn’t learn her spells properly. Whenever she forgot a spell, she would get in a dreadful fluster trying to remember it. And that was how she came to be called Fairy Fluster.
All the other fairies in Fairyland were very fond of Fluster. She was such a kind little fairy, and always ready to help anyone or to do them a good turn. But, to tell the truth, the other fairies always hoped that Fluster wouldn’t try to do them good turns, because she often turned her friends into hedgehogs or tadpoles, when she really only meant to give them a new pair of magic slippers because their old ones were worn out.