Writers are by nature and necessity introverted. It takes hours of quiet concentration to sculpt images with words and our greatest conversations occur in our head.
So to stand on stage, mike in hand, and read those words aloud is daunting, but it’s also thrilling to gaze out at attentive shadows and know that people are listening to your every word.
Reading GB (1)
I read from my new novel, To Sleep With Stones. You can listen to the first two scenes here.
It’s paramount to read your work aloud, whether it’s a school essay, a business email, a creative piece, or a love letter. Yes, it will help you catch the errors, but there’s more to it than that. Each phrase is music in the reader’s head, directed by tone, punctuation, and pauses. The only way to ensure the rhythmic flow is to add air and curl your tongue around those syllables. If you stammer or run out of breath, the reader will too. So, always read aloud, whether it’s in the privacy of your home or in a space of supportive listeners.
Thank you to my friends who supported me, to my daughter who calmed my jitters and recorded my twelve minutes, and to the organizers of this event.