Since Hay House began running daily episodes of Ty Bollinger’s “The Truth About Cancer–A Global Quest” last week I haven’t missed one. It’s hopeful. It’s intelligent. It’s magic.
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But the episodes are so intense and so jammed with information, I fear that people might become overwhelmed and tune out. Did this happen to you? Did you stop watching? Did you watch but not act? Is the content too depressing or too scary?
Processing this amount of new information takes time and engenders questions. Am I doomed? What should I do first? How can I convince my loved ones to try this or this or this? What is right for me, now?
Let me just say that I believe in the power of manifestation: what we focus on we attract. So, normally I would stay far away from a show like this. I don’t even like to say the c… word. But something told me I needed to watch it, and I trust my internal guidance, so I’m watching and taking notes and acting on what I’m learning. If you do nothing else, please share this blog by passing it on to someone you care about.
If you haven’t heard about this documentary I’m going to outline some of big ideas that I’ve come away with.
We are living in a toxic soup that suppresses our immune systems (viruses, parasites, yeast, environmental chemicals, pharmaceuticals and processed food). This creates a communication breakdown inside our bodies and allows the cancer cells to run wild and wreak havoc. We must detox and cleanse ourselves and our Mother Earth.
Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation might result in a “clear” diagnosis but the stem cells that caused your cancer are still circulating in your body. This was a wake-up call for me. I had an ovarian cyst that was deemed “borderline” three years ago. After it was removed an oncologist at BC Cancer Clinic told me that it “actually was cancer” and now they had to remove everything else. “The only way to see if it’s spread is to put your cells under a microscopic. We have to take it all out in order to do that. If it’s clear, then no chemo.” So I had a second surgery, and fortunately, was pronounced clear. It had not migrated. Now, I realize I have stem cells floating around in my body waiting for the right trigger to start reproducing.
Thousands of us are in similar situations. Thousands of us are undergoing these therapies right now. Has this happened to you or someone you love? Is it happening right now? Know that this content is not depressing, it’s enlightening and hopeful.
Doctors routinely tell patients the only cure is chemotherapy and radiation, the faster the better. This is not true. Giving sick people these treatments is like blasting them with napalm. Both are toxic and destroy already taxed immune systems. Go another way. Bollinger’s documentary is packed with alternative therapies that have worked and continue to work for people, many of whom were sent home to die.
There is so much information packed into the seven hours I’ve already watched the only way I can make sense of it is to chart it. This is just a fraction of what I learned during the last week.
Much of this is preventative and will change your health, and ultimately, your life. Anyone who’s ever had a scary diagnosis can attest to that. If you are given that diagnosis, do not accept chemo and radiation as inevitable.
There are oncologists, doctors, and natural health practitioners saving lives every day by using a myriad of brilliant alternative therapies. Find this documentary and watch it. Contact Ty Bollinger for referrals. The following are just a few of the names of doctors who contributed to this documentary: Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Xavier Curiel, Dr. Jonathan Wright.

Let’s hope you never get that diagnosis, but if you do, know there is hope. For now, live left.

“The healthy human body is self-regulating and self-repairing.”
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates
Eat a variety of flavonoids. They block glutomate receptors, decrease inflammation, and kill cancer cells!
Eat a low glycemic diet. It lessens spiking and helps your immune system. Eat cruciferous vegetables. Drink green tea, eat dark chocolate.
Replace sugar with real fruits that contain more fructose than sucrose (berries, figs, cherries, red grapes.)
Eat sprouts and start sprouting in your kitchen, especially sunflower seeds, broccoli, legumes.
Start juicing with leafy greens.
Take supplements. Curcumin, from TURMERIC, kills cancer stem cells and strengthens normal cells.
Take probiotics. Sauerkraut is a wonder food.
Start your morning by drinking the juice of one lemon, a pinch of salt, and honey in warm water. It’s cleansing and tastes wonderful.
Check out Essiac Tea.
Do not eat products containing SUGAR, MSG or Aspartame. Glucose (sugar) and Glutomate (Excitotoxins) fertilize and fuel cancer cells.
Do not eat fast food, processed chemical laden foods, anything labelled with wording you can’t pronounce or understand; anything that was not created in somebody’s kitchen that you trust.
Do not drink water bottled in plastic. It contains BPA which is carcinogenic. Do not drink tap water unless it’s filtered–it’s treated with flouride and chlorine.
Do not use plastic for anything, especially your food and water.

Move regularly throughout the day and do exercise that brings you joy: dance, run, walk, swim, stretch, play sports. Do not sit for prolonged periods (in front of the computer, TV, at your desk).
Investigate essential oils. Some can balance hormones. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It shrinks tumours. Do not get vaccinated. It’s not the vaccine itself; it’s toxic substances like mercury that trigger cancer and other diseases.
Take care of your breasts. Massage them. Love them. Set them free. Go braless as often as possible. Do not get mammograms. They can cause cancer. DNA and genes do not control your life.
Detox. Cleanse your colon, urinary tract, liver, lymph system, parasites, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals.
Destress. Stress increases cortisol, depletes melatonin, vitamin C, niacin, and nutrients. Every day do something to reduce stress levels: yoga, meditation, visualization, prayer, affirmations, walk in nature, create, exercise, laugh, cuddle with your pet, hug your loved ones. Nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Believe that you will heal. Do not stay in situations that cause you stress. Chronic stress will kill you.
Get your mercury fillings replaced by a biological dentist who does it right. Then do chelation therapy to remove the accumulation of heavy metals. Do not get root canals–97% of breast cancer is related to root canals.
Eat good oils: coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil.  Omega 6 oils are cancer fuels: canola, corn, palm, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower
 Cannabis is the “Gateway to Health” (Dr. Joseph Mercola.
 Music heals. Singing and playing an instrument changes how the brain works.
 Sunlight accumulates in fresh organic food. Chlorophyll contains magnesium; it goes into the cells and makes sunshine inside the cell!
Check out the Budwig Diet (flaxseed oil and +charged protein like cottage cheese).
 Breathe clean clear oxygen. Check out oxygen therapy.


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