For the last few years I’ve been writing under the covers–not with a flashlight, but with similar stealth. I self-published To Charm a Killer using a pen name and did next to no marketing. With the support of friends and relatives, I sold a few copies of my book, and carried on writing the sequel. Because it’s the writing that I love.
This year “because it’s 2016”–thank you for that line Justin Trudeau–I decided to come out.
I’ve been invited to read at an event in Port Moody on April 28 at the Gallery Bistro. It’s called “Writers in our Midst”.  I am honoured, and slightly petrified, to be asked to stand up among polite society and read the first scene(s) from my new novel, To Sleep With Stones. It begins six months after To Charm a Killer leaves off and features the same characters–the witches of Hollystone Coven–along with a Scottish cast, and of course, a new murder. No pen name this time. Just me, writing as myself.

Tangled in Tangled FX

Port Moody, BC


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